3D textile printing

Unlimited creativity

Our new Stratasys TechStyle™ 3D printer will make waves with its revolutionary printing technology. For the first time, 3D algorithms can be printed directly onto textile, creating fascinating illusions with colour and light.

In an industry where this was not previously possible, this printer allows fashion designers to let their imaginations run wild with unlimited creations and unparalleled flexibility with a wide range of rigid and flexible materials. Designers and high-end fashion brands can achieve a new level of design freedom for customisation and tailoring.

The multiple advantages over traditional design forms allow for fantastic optical illusion effects to be created directly on textiles and garments, in clear print and in colour.

Stratasys TechStyle™ has a virtually unlimited colour palette, with over 600 thousand colours available and Pantone palettes in matt and gloss finishes.

Responsible productivity
& unrivalled

The impression of a better future

The wide range of colours and materials, from rigid to flexible and from opaque to transparent, will eliminate the need for multiple processes to create unique volumetric colour patterns on textiles and garments.

The printing capabilities of our printer are unrivalled, with the ability to print directly onto textiles as well as onto used garments for reuse. Fashion accessories such as buttons, cufflinks and bag clips can also be printed, up to a maximum height of 50mm.

This printer also features an interchangeable platen, so that during a print you can prepare a second platen and be ready to change it quickly for faster production cycles and minimal downtime.

The Stratasys TechStyle™ 3D Printer supports purposeful manufacturing and low-volume production, while allowing for cost savings.