Handmade dyeing factory
& family-run

Our dyeing workshop near Paris

Les Teintures de France, is first and foremost a family-run, artisanal dye house. Serge Haouzi, Artistic Director, is surrounded by his partner Thierry Azerad, his wife and his two daughters.

It is therefore with one of these members that you will speak, even if this charming team is supported by about twenty employees all passionate about their work.

Each of them is specialised in a specific activity, which is why you can entrust your dyeing project in complete confidence, but also any other request. Indeed, Les Teintures de France is not only a simple dyeing factory in Paris, it is also many other services in the field of textile finishing.

Dyeing in all its forms, but also digital printing, cutting or laser printing, process creation, washing or ironing, Les Teintures de France offers you a unique know-how for your textiles.

Do not hesitate to entrust your request and be sure to have an attentive ear, a real availability and a result faithful to your expectations.

Serving the
Haute Couture

Luxury dyeing Bonneuil-sur-Marne

For nearly 30 years Les Teintures de France has been collaborating with the biggest names in Haute Couture, offering more ecological solutions with ever more innovative equipment.

"They didn't know it was impossible
so they did it."


Our expertise
at your service

Our expertise in finishing

Textile finishing is not an activity like any other, it is an art in itself and dyeing is part of it. A craft that we master with excellence to meet all the projects entrusted to us.

Obtaining the desired colour and effect is our priority ! Tie and Dye, Deep Dye or Shibori effect, our team is at your disposal to help you personalise your textiles.

Digital printing

Digital printing allows you to print directly onto the fabric, which is perfect for clothing and accessories.


Laser technology represents the future of environmentally responsible production and ensures that fabrics are processed with maximum efficiency and quality.

3D printing

Our 3D printer can print on textiles, create fashion accessories such as buttons up to 50 mm high.


The Ozone does not generate any pollution and allows a treatment of the denim with a similar effect on the colours as the sun's rays.