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The garment industry plays an essential role today in meeting the fast and demanding demands of the fashion market. It is impossible to predict exactly which colors will be popular in terms of clothing sales, as fashion trends constantly change and evolve.

The usual trend is therefore to delay finishing until after the garment is manufactured, in order to sense the market trend and reduce delivery time.

As recognized leaders in the field of textile dyeing and printing, we work closely with designers, pattern makers, and manufacturers to provide unique processes for all types of fabrics. We help all our clients add the finishing touch to their fabrics through dyeing.”

Furthermore, and to the extent possible, we use environmentally friendly methods to minimize the impact of our dyeing processes on the environment. We recycle the heat produced by our dyeing, which saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions simultaneously. The amount of water we use is much lower than industrial standards, and we have also invested heavily in chemical recovery systems.

We carefully implement each of our dyeing processes to ensure they are as sustainable as possible. This ethic is reflected in all aspects of our manufacturing. We use modern computer equipment for color matching and evaluation to achieve accurate and reproducible colors. Our dyeing process ensures color fastness and resistance to repeated washing and wear.

We also understand our customers’ requirements for textile dyeing and finishing, and the importance of being a partner in the production of their fabrics. By investing in our dyeing and printing facilities, we meet the needs of today and future textile performance standards.

Textiles or accessories,
all effects are allowed...

Dyeing and finishing techniques on all materials.

Textile dyeing and fashion go hand in hand. Just as a house without decoration is empty, dyeing brings clothing to life. Aware of this reality, our artisanal dyeing workshop in Paris has been working since its creation for haute couture, fashion designers, and ready-to-wear. Haute couture uses delicate and precious materials. To achieve this clever combination, it is important to use dyes that will enhance the clothing without altering it.

Our entire dyeing production process depends on the fibers that make up the material. Depending on its composition, we determine which dyeing process to choose and which type of dye is most appropriate.

Before dyeing, we remove all impurities from the fabric. Lint, grease, or even paraffin make the fabric waterproof and prevent the dye from penetrating properly. Once dried, it is sent to the dye baths and then steamed to preserve the color.

We value any type of fabric by giving it the desired touch or appearance. We also master dyeing on all types of materials or accessories:





Add effects to your dyeing! Tie and Dye, Deep Dye, or Shibori effects, our dyeing experts are available to help you personalize your fabrics.

Feel free to contact us by phone or through our form for a free textile dyeing quote. You can also visit us at our workshop in Bonneuil-sur-Marne.