Laser Printing
on Textiles

The future of eco-friendly production

The demands of fashion brands and consumers in the textile industry are increasingly focused on key environmental protection issues.

Laser technology represents the future of environmentally responsible production, replacing traditional, manual methods of fading, abrasion, decoration, marking, engraving and cutting of jeans, finished garments and fabrics, using “the energy of light”.

Our new Flexi Denim machine from SEI Laser allows us to work on any type of textile, including leather, because of its advantages in terms of precision, speed, ease of use and high degree of automation. The laser can create timeless patterns, gradient patterns of flowers and trees on various denim fabrics, bringing new twists to denim fashion.

We are able to meet all fashion and design challenges. Our laser can easily transfer original designs or brand logos onto any material. It all depends on what you have in mind, but anything is possible!

All the advantages of
our Laser system

Laser improves production performance

Our digital laser system ensures an eco-sustainable fabric transformation process with maximum efficiency and quality. Speed management and laser energy optimisation guaranteed:

  • State-of-the-art laser technology and performance
  • 3 times higher productivity than traditional machines (due to high set-up and production speed)
  • Protection of the operator’s health by eliminating the use of toxic substances and chemicals
  • Protection of the environment by reducing water waste by 70-90
  • Cost reduction (due to lower energy consumption)
  • High quality (high definition, accurate backgrounds, shades, realistic 3D effects and natural effects used
  • High safety standards

Our SEI Laser system does not generate pollution. It is currently the most accurate process that can be used. The patterns are stored in the computer’s memory and reproduced exactly on each fabric. This makes it possible to obtain lines, speckled effects or scratch effects, for example. The machine also contains pre-registered patterns with basic and original designs.

The computer-controlled laser technology can reproduce localized wear, whiskers and any type of complex pattern without water or chemicals.