Textile finishing

Creativity and responsible economy

Textile finishing adds value to a fabric in order to embellish it, personalise it and give it new properties.

Pre-treatment, dyeing, finishing or printing are some of the different techniques used, regardless of the textile. Silk, cotton or even leather, everything is possible.

Given the legislation in the European Union and the justified constraints on this industry, the majority of textile finishing was carried out in countries less concerned about the environment or the health of operators and customers…

But fortunately, more and more brands are willing to adopt a more ethical and eco-responsible approach.

Our investment

Towards a better traceability

Les Teintures de France is constantly innovating to serve the world of luxury ready-to-wear clothing by focusing on new digital technologies. These make it possible to sublimate a motif or a logo on a fabric, to give new reflections or a new relief to a material (denim, cotton, silk, leather, etc.)

Secondly, by experimenting with processes that are in line with sustainable development and responsible consumption. With new processes for washing or bleaching that avoid the use of polluting chemical agents, that radically reduce water consumption, etc.

The workshop has invested in laser cutting and finishing to cut, open or bleach a fabric instantly without using chemical agents.

The results? Impressive! Whatever your material or your creation (dress, jacket, hat, handbag, etc.).

Contact us to innovate around your creations in complete confidentiality.