Artisanal dyeing

Specialist in textile finishing

Textile artisanal dyeing workshop in Bonneuil sur Marne, near Paris, and specialist in textile finishing for nearly 30 years. Les Teintures de France brings all its expertise in the field of dyeing.

From haute couture to luxury ready-to-wear and the film industry, Les Teintures de France has been building loyalty with demanding customers for years, who are looking for personalized needs and original creations.

Artisanal dyeing is our profession and we are able to offer different dyeing techniques in order to achieve the desired effects. Based on a simple sample, a drawing or a simple idea, our teams will study your project. We can create a unique process that is faithful to your expectations.

From Tie and Dye to Dip Dye or Shibori style, entrust us with your dyeing project or come and meet us in our dyeing workshop in Bonneuil sur Marne, near Paris.

Our expertise at your service

Expertise, mastery, and punctuality

Textile embellishment is not just any activity. It is an art in its own right, and dyeing is part of it. It is an artisanal art that we master with excellence to meet all the projects entrusted to us.

All effects are possible thanks to techniques that we master with expertise. From ombre effect, wear and scraping, to Tie and Dye or wash out, and even digital printing… Your request will be handled with great care, respecting the materials and deadlines.

A visit to the workshops of our artisanal dyeing workshop in Bonneuil sur Marne will confirm your choice to use our services.”

Teinture avant
Teinture après

Dyeing all textiles

Our expertise in artisanal dyeing allows us to meet all demands, on materials such as cotton, viscose, silk, linen, velvet, polyester, leather, or wool, as well as on numerous accessories such as lace, cords, braids, threads, ribbing, or zippers.

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Textile finishing

Textile finishing is a process that allows fabrics to be given a unique and refined appearance. This technique is widely used in the luxury and fashion industries because it allows for the creation of highly personalized fabrics that are also more resistant to abrasion or heat.

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Ozone washing

The ozone wash treatment for jeans has the same effect on colors as exposure to sunlight. This natural process generates no pollution and avoids the use of chemical products, while also significantly reducing the number of washing and rinsing cycles required.

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Laser technology represents the future of eco-friendly production, replacing traditional and manual methods of decoloration, abrasion, decoration, marking, engraving, and cutting of jeans, finished garments, and fabrics, thanks to ``the power of light energy``.

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Digital printing

Digital textile printing is a printing process that uses special inks on any type of fabric. This technology allows for high-quality color and monochrome printing. It can be used on a wide variety of fabrics, including polyester, silk, and other materials.

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3D printing

Our Stratasys TechStyle™ 3D printer allows for incredible illusions to be printed directly onto fabric for the first time, in both clear and color. The possibilities are endless and the creations are limitless. It offers high-end fashion brands and designers a new level of design freedom.

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